Monday, November 1, 2010

Jerry Looking At His General Manager (from Dallas Cowboys . com)

Posted by jellis at 11/1/2010 9:21 AM CDT
In the postgame locker room Sunday, with reporters digging for any subtle indication Jerry Jones is blaming Wade Phillips for the failings of the now 1-6 Cowboys, the team's owner, president and general manager actually placed himself in the crosshairs.

In typical Phillips fashion, the coach tried to shoulder the blame. But Jones wouldn't let him take it all.

"The unique way that we are structured is that Wade can't say that without including me in that," Jones said. "He wouldn't say that, but I will say that ... The makeup of the team, the players that are involved, the coaches, we all know they couldn't be here, not a one of them, if I hadn't agreed to it or put them here."

Jones is speaking, of course, of his socks-and-jocks approach to the football department, which includes not only final say in all personnel matters, but the planning of training camp and just about everything else which might have consequence on the field.

The problem with Jones attempt to shoulder that blame from Phillips, who is attempting to take it from the players, is that the previous 22 years of his ownership suggest coaches and players are subject to change. The GM can't and won't change.

"Well now wait a minute," Jones said, correcting a question in that vein. "You know that you can change GMs. I know we're going to read about that ... certainly you can do that. But I'm just saying all things are possible. In my mind we're trying to get some limit of what makes sense, and that doesn't make sense for this situation."

"You should recognize that I think about every - every - thing. And for 20-something years that I've been the GM here, when I look at our structure and I evaluate how we're set up and I evaluate where our commitment is, I look at every aspect of it. And the GM is a part of it. The president is a part of it. The one thing I don't ever look at is the ownership part of it. But I look at everything else."

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